You might have come across many posts on social media regarding holistic and biological dentistry as a safer, cost-effective, and more effective alternative to mainstream dentistry. These “holistic” and “biological” claim that their treatment carries minimal side effects and offers more health benefits than traditional dental treatment. But is that so? Is holistic dentistry beneficial? If you also have these questions in mind, this article is for you. So, keep on reading as we explain what holistic and biological dentistry is and how it can benefit you. 

Why Do We Need A Dental Service?

Like medical treatment, dental service is needed when there is an underlying problem with our teeth or our oral health in general. For example, if one has a decayed tooth, they will have to visit a dentist to fix it with a suitable filling material. Similarly, if someone is experiencing pain in one of their teeth, they may need a root canal treatment and see a dentist for treatment. 

Do Holistic Dentists Help People Get Healthier? If So, How?

According to the International Association of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, holistic and biological dentistry refers to a treatment philosophy where you dentist will consider the effect of using dental materials on your entire body and only use safe, nature-based and biological materials for your treatment. The supporters of holistic dentistry claim that by using natural materials, the adverse effects associated with dental treatment can be eliminated. For example, holistic dentists undergo additional training in complementary medicine to combine the principles of mainstream dentistry with a holistic approach – with the core idea being to improve the patient’s overall oral and physical health. 

What Do Mainstream Dentists Think Of Biological Dentistry?

Being professionals, mainstream dentists respect all dental professionals, even if they have differences of opinion. For example, mainstream dentists may not agree entirely with the philosophy and treatment approaches of holistic dentists, but they do find some of their principles helpful. For example, most mainstream dentists concur with holistic dentists that using silver amalgam fillings is not a good idea. Similarly, it may also be beneficial to use organic and nature-based oral hygiene products, which are safer and don’t harm our environment. 

Can A General Dentist Do Cosmetic Dentistry?

Any licensed dentist in the UK can perform aesthetic dental procedures. However, if you wish to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, you should choose a dentist – whether a general or specialist cosmetic dentist – who has sufficient experience, training, and clinical skills in providing this treatment. General dentists are professionals who offer all dental services under one roof. So, they are basically the “jack of all trades”. However, this does not mean that general dentists cannot offer cosmetic dental treatment. In fact, with proper training and experience, general dentists can be as good as cosmetic dental specialists. 

What Are The Different Types Of Dentists?

There are different types of dentists based on their qualifications, training, and job description. Broadly, there are two types of dentists; general and specialist dentists. As discussed earlier, general dentists are trained to treat all dental problems. On the other hand, specialists are those dentists who obtain specialisation in a specific area of dentistry like:

  • Restorative
  • Surgical
  • Implant dentistry

How Much Medical Training Do Dentists Receive?

To be eligible to practice, dentists have to obtain an undergraduate degree in dentistry which spans five years – four years in other countries – while gaining theoretical and practical knowledge of dental procedures. After five years, dentists have to undergo one year of horsemanship before practising independently. Specialist dentists need to acquire another four years of training before being considered specialists. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Holistic Health Approach?

Holistic dentistry offers several benefits over mainstream dentistry. For example, holistic dentists advocate using nature-based and biological materials for dental treatment and oral hygiene maintenance. These materials are much safer than those used in mainstream dentistry. Furthermore, holistic dentists follow the minimally-invasive approach of dental medicine – whereby minimal tooth structure is removed – focusing on regeneration and healing. This approach has also been picked by mainstream dentists since the current surgical-restorative approach has become unfeasible and unsustainable globally. 

Tips About How To Look For A Holistic Dental Professional?

Each country or city has their own local holistic dentistry council or association. If you are looking for a holistic dentist, you can simply search the internet with your location. You will find many dentists offering a holistic treatment approach in your area.  

What Is The Future Of Dentistry?

Overall, dentists foresee the future of dentistry as being more safer, cost-effective, and less invasive. In the coming years, mainstream dentists may adopt several holistic and non-invasive approaches of holistic dentists to reduce the risk of side effects and improve the overall physical wellbeing of their patients. 

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