Most of us know that ozone is present in the atmosphere, and it helps protect living organisms from harmful ultraviolet rays. But did you know that ozone could also be beneficial for your teeth and oral health? That’s right; not only is ozone has many health benefits, but it also has many oral health-related benefits. This article explains how ozone therapy works in dentistry and how you can benefit from it. 

What Is Ozone Therapy? What Is It For?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere with inherent wound healing and antibacterial properties. The first use of ozone molecule in dentistry dates back to the 1930s when it was popularly used in Europe and South America for its medicinal benefits. According to the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAOT), ozone therapy refers to using medical-grade ozone gas to elicit a curative response within the body. According to AAOT, when the body becomes sick, it has limited potential to heal itself. Ozone therapy stimulates the body to initiate reparative processes that result in quicker healing. 

Ozone Therapy And Its Health Benefits?

Ozone therapy has shown promising results in treating medical problems like diabetes and immune disorders. In dentistry, ozone therapy has the following benefits. 

  • Tooth Decay – owing to its inherent antibacterial properties, ozone therapy has shown potential in preventing tooth decay. 
  • Periodontal Diseasegum disease is the most prevalent health problem worldwide, caused by the proliferation of harmful bacteria residing inside dental plaque and tartar. Dentists can use ozone in gas, oil, or liquid to neutralise the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease. 
  • TMJ Pain – temporomandibular joint pain is mainly caused due to the inflammatory changes taking place within the joints. Research has shown that ozone therapy could reduce the symptoms associated with TMJ disorders, such as difficult, or limited mouth opening.  

What Are The Disadvantages Of Ozone?

Although ozone can obtain certain medicinal benefits, it has some drawbacks. Some of these include: 

  • Cannot be Inhaled – ozone gas should never be inhaled as it can cause local or systemic adverse health effects. Ozone is generally an oxidant to which all of our cells do have the antioxidant for apart from our lung cells and our eyes. This is why we shouldn’t inhale it, nor get it into our eyes.
  • Medical Issues – adverse medical effects associated with ozone therapy include risk of air embolism, heart attack, temporary blindness, respiratory problems, and restriction of blood circulation. Besides, research has also shown the potential of ozone water in remineralising decayed dental enamel. 

How To Remineralize Teeth And Regrow Tooth Enamel Naturally?

Dentists use various options to remineralise tooth enamel. One of these options includes topical fluoride-containing agents like fluoride varnishes and gels. Another topical agent, silver diamine fluoride, has also been effective in remineralising enamel. 

What Are Some Ways To Prevent Cavity From Spreading?

Tooth cavities are caused by different harmful bacteria. Therefore, the best way to prevent or stop the progression of tooth decay is to neutralise these harmful bacteria. For this purpose, your dentist can use various antibacterial agents such as fluoride varnishes, calcium phosphate, and silver diamine fluoride. Besides, ozone therapy also effectively prevents and stops the progression of teeth cavities. 

Can One Reverse Tooth Decay Or A Cavity?

While it may be possible to reverse shallow teeth cavities, deeper tooth cavities need to be repaired. To repair non-remineralisable teeth cavities, your dentist will remove the decayed tooth structure and replace it with a suitable filling material to restore the structure and aesthetics of the affected tooth. Your dentist will decide after clinical examination whether a tooth cavity can be remineralised or whether it needs a filling. 

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