Smile Makeovers – Quick and Effective Treatments With Flawless Results


Everyone would like the perfect smile and treatments like our Smile Makeover make that possible. Encompassing a number of different cosmetic dental procedures, the Smile Makeover is tailored to suit people’s needs with as many or as few procedures as required.

Because it can include quite lengthy and invasive treatments like porcelain veneers, invisible braces, ceramic crowns and bridges, people think Smile Makeovers always involve a lot of costly and time-consuming dental work but that’s not actually strictly true.

For some patients, quicker and less invasive treatments like composite bonding and teeth whitening are all that is needed to give them a spectacular looking smile.


Composite Bonding

There’s a huge range of cosmetic dental issues that can be addressed using composite bonding. Although commonly used to treat discolouration and composite bondingchipped teeth, it can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth in a wide range of other ways.

In the experienced hands of a highly skilled dentist like Dr Bita Fox, composite bonding is like sculpture for teeth. Dr Fox and her colleagues can create a beautiful smile by using it to change the shape to make them appear more even, straight and to fill in gaps between them.


How it Works

This procedure is so flexible in its application because it involves dentists applying a composite resin to the teeth that dries very hard and lasts for a long time. It’s the same substance dentists use for white fillings and lasts up to 11 years in this application compared to just 6 to 7 years for traditional silver fillings. It can be applied in a thin layer to teeth to cover discolouration then the dentist can add bonding layers to reshape the teeth or fix chips.

Once they are happy with the shape and colour of the tooth, they apply a high-intensity light that hardens the composite material and then they polish it. Taking biology into consideration, Dr Fox uses 100% BPA free composite materials and a Swiss superior type for those who wish to opt for the best of the best that is available on the market.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth become stained and discoloured over time. That’s just an unfortunate fact regardless of what you eat and drink but certain things like coffee, red wine, tea, bolognaise type sauces and curries can make this more pronounced.

Professional teeth whitening can make a huge difference to the appearance of stained and discoloured teeth without damaging the enamel.

teeth whitening


How it Works

To ensure precision fitting and outstanding results, we use custom-made lightening trays and the best quality teeth whitening products, including peroxide, to get the best possible results. Only dentists are allowed access to the most effective teeth whitening chemicals because they have the experience and expertise to use them safely to get the best results.

Combining these two treatments produces some great results but some patients find that they only need one to get the results they’re looking for.


At Munro Hall, we only recommend patients have the treatments required to get the desired results. We would never suggest that a patient needs everything offered as part of our Smile Makeover if they didn’t really need it.

However, we do offer the full range of treatments and will happily recommend them if, after an in-depth discussion with our patient, we establish that they are required. To talk to us about any or all aspects of our Smile Makeover, please call 01234 840 099.

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