The human body is complex and correlated. Hence, it is very important to keep a check on what you eat and when. Not only overall fitness, but even your dental health highly depends on the dietary aspects of your daily routine.

Today, in the era where intake of fast food is on the rise, dentists often are concerned with shocking statistics that reveal the consumption of sugar – filled sodas, sweetened and non – nutritious food that hamper dental health. An unhealthy dietary pattern can lead to various issues like, gum problems, tooth decay, bad breath and more. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also deteriorate dental health. However, to deal with this, it is essential to (a) have the knowledge about foods that are good and bad for dental health. (b) Follow it honestly.

The fundamental of good dental health revolves around diet. Hence, to make things simpler we have in store dietary insights from the best dentist in Bedford. Let’s get started with the compilated list of top foods suggested for better oral health. Well, these foods also contribute to overall well-being of the human anatomy.

#1 – Foods Rich in Fiber

Fruits and veggies rich in fiber are suggested for better dental care, as the fiber component stimulates saliva and works as a protective layer against cavities. Well, saliva not only helps wash away food particles in the mouth, but it also helps neutralize acid attack on teeth, saving them from erosion.

What to eat – Crisp and crunchy fruits like apples, celery and carrots

#2 – Dairy

Dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamin D, which is essential to keep strong the tooth enamel. Since, teeth are made of calcium, it is important to have a balanced intake to save them from developing decay. Additionally, calcium when mixed with plaque sticks to teeth and protects them from acid damage. So, don’t forget to have that glass of milk every morning.

What to eat – milk, cheese (keep a check on the portion size), plain yogurt, soy milk, Broccoli

#3 – Tea

Surprised! Don’t be. Tea’s are a rich source of fluoride which can overpower bacteria that is highly responsible for gum diseases and tooth decay. Well, the only disclaimer here is sugar. If you like your tea loaded with sugar, don’t forget to rinse your mouth well or brush post you enjoy that warm cup of tea.

What to eat – Green or black tea’s preferably without sugar

#4 – Vitamin C rich Foods

Vitamin C is another essential element for health of gums and softer tissues in the mouth. This vitamin helps fight against gingivitis, at the initial stage and prevents you from teeth loosening. So, don’t forget to munch on that tangy orange and citrus lemon.

What to eat – All types of citrus fruits, potatoes and green leafy vegetables.

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