Every day, newer and more effective dental treatment options are being introduced to make dentistry more comfortable, convenient, and pain-free for patients. One such treatment option is ozone therapy. Although ozone therapy is not being used routinely in dentistry, its benefits are being recognised worldwide and they are gradually employing this treatment modality to treat their patients and improve healing. This article discusses everything you need to know about Ozone therapy in dentistry. So, read on to learn about ozone and how it can improve the outcome of dental treatment. 

What Is Ozone Therapy For Teeth? Is It Safe?

According to the British Ozone Society, ozone therapy refers to using the purest form of ozone gas (O3) for various therapeutic purposes in medicine in dentistry. Medical-grade ozone is made up of a mixture of 95% oxygen and 5% ozone. 

While concerns have been raised regarding the safety of ozone, medical-grade ozone is safe for human use. On the other, tropospheric ozone, which contains nitrogen and nitric oxides, and is made of air pollutants, is extremely dangerous for human use and may cause respiratory problems. Therefore, as long as your dentist is using pure. Medical-grade ozone, it is safe and harmless. 

How Do I Prevent Teeth Cavity?

The most effective method to prevent tooth decay is to ensure optimal oral hygiene. Teeth cavities develop when plaque and tartar deposits form on the teeth due to poor oral hygiene maintenance. Therefore, if one can prevent plaque and tartar deposition through regular brushing and flossing, they can prevent dental cavities altogether. Another way to avoid tooth cavities is to visit your dentist regularly for checkups; your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth at each appointment and make sure they remain cavity-free. Besides, ozone therapy has also been found to prevent dental cavities and even stop their further progression. 

What Are Methods For Restoring Tooth Enamel Naturally?

Enamel is the hardest part of the tooth, which forms a protective layer that prevents our teeth from sensitivity and decay. If the dental enamel gets demineralized and weak due to decay, there are various options available to remineralize it. Some of these include:

  • Remineralization Agents – various products such as calcium phosphate, fluoride varnish, and silver diamine fluoride have been shown to enhance enamel remineralisation and improve its strength. 
  • Water Fluoridation – adding fluoride to community water resources can also help remineralize dental enamel.
  • Ozone Therapyone of the most effective methods to remineralize damaged or decayed dental enamel is through ozone therapy/ 

How Long Does It Take For Tooth Enamel To Grow Back?

The dental enamal of a tooth is a non-living tissue. Therefore, it lacks an inherent potential to regrow once it’s destroyed, but it is still possible to remineralize decayed or weakened enamel. However, once the enamel tissue is completely destroyed, there is no way to regrow it and the only option to restore the tooth is to use a suitable filling agent. Recently, trials are underway at the school of dentistry, the University of Washington, to use a genetically engineered peptide to regrow dental enamel. However, the clinical implications of this trial are still unknown. 

What Are The Best Ways To Alleviate Pain From Tmj Disorder?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders refer to conditions that affect the jaw joints and surrounding muscles and ligaments. Common symptoms of TMJ disorders include painful or limited mouth opening, difficulty in chewing, headaches, and cracking/popping sounds while opening or closing the mouth. 

Some of the effective and proven ways to alleviate TMJ-associated pain include:

  • TMJ exercises 
  • Application of heat or cold packs over the facial skin 
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Using splints of nightguards to correct jaw position 
  • Restorative treatment to correct bite 
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Ultrasound therapy 
  • Botulinum toxin therapy 

Besides these measures, ozone therapy has also been found to alleviate TMJ pain as it has an anti-inflammatory and potent healing effect on dental tissues. 

How To Naturally Build Enamel On Your Teeth?

While nature has bestowed some of our body parts with the ability to regenerate, such as the blood vessels and the nerves, dental enamel, unfortunately, lacks this potential. This is because the enamel is non-living, and it does not regrow once it’s damaged. However, weakened or decayed enamel can be purified using topical remineralisation agents like fluoride varnishes, calcium phosphate, and silver diamine fluoride.

If a tooth’s enamel is wholly destroyed, the only option is to restore the tooth with a suitable filling material. Therefore, efforts must be made to prevent the degradation of dental enamel as it lacks the potential to regrow. 

How Is A Root Canal Infection Treated?

A root canal treatment is needed when the underlying sensitive pulp tissue of a tooth gets inflamed irreversibly. During a root canal procedure, your dentist will first drill a hole on the biting surface of the tooth to expose the pulp chamber. Afterwards, they will use special instruments to remove the inflamed pulp from the tooth’s interior, thoroughly washing and drying. Next, the tooth’s interior, or the root canals, are shaped using special instruments and the tooth’s interior is packed with an inert material to prevent future infection. Finally, a restoration is placed over the tooth to restore its function and aesthetics. 

Ozone therapy is one of the most influential and non-invasive methods to treat various dental infections. Besides, dental ozone also helps subside inflammation and accelerate the healing process following dental surgical procedures. So, if you’re interested in getting treated painlessly and comfortably with ozone, visit us at Munroe Hall Clinic. You can book a free virtual consultation appointment with us today to learn more about the amazing benefits of ozone therapy in dentistry.  

Last Updated: May 15, 2022

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