We all know that some types of metals, like zinc and magnesium, are essential for our body to function properly but some metals can be harmful. Even traces of metals like mercury can damage the body and various concentrations of other metals can cause problems or exacerbate them.

It seems somewhat bizarre, therefore, that for a long time now, dentists have been putting these metals into our mouths in the form of fillings and crowns on grounds of “there is no scientific evidence of harm to the body.

These toxins can seep into the body and are added to by dietary and environmental toxins. Some are highly sensitive to the slightest amount while for some it may take years or decades before signs and symptoms are displayed.

Our Detox treatment works to not only remove the harmful metals put into our mouths by dentists, but also to remove the toxins already there.

Why we Created MHC Detox Therapy

In our work as dentists, we knew that patients were suffering health problems as a result of mercury leaking from amalgam fillings so we developed the MHC Detox treatment to help remove the mercury from their system after removing the fillings.

The results were so impressive that we realised the technique could have much further reaching applications.

Research suggested that removing a variety of metals from the system could improve the symptoms of a number of different conditions and eliminate other conditions entirely while the outcome of our treatments for a number of patients over many years has shown this to be true to this hypothesis.

What Can MHC Detox programme Help with?

Metals used in dentistry and medicine such as mercury, nickel and palladium can cause long-term problems in the body, some potentially very serious but others that can impede people’s day to day performance without them realising it.

Through our MHC Detox treatment, we have seen improvements in allergies, autoimmune diseases, MS, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

When we combine our vitamin detox programme with dental work to remove any metal fillings in our patients’ teeth, we achieve these excellent results.

What to Expect from MHC Detox Therapy

Assessment is essential to our process so we take our time to thoroughly examine and test our patients so we can treat them in exactly the right way to address their needs. Once we have established exactly what is required, we instigate a special diet and supplements

to support the gut, begin to remove toxins and improve overall health. Next, the patients receive an intravenous infusion of vitamin C and we carry out the dental

work under local anesthetic.

We’ve found that patients who have this infusion suffer no post-operative complications like infections and their recovery time is very quick. Afterwards, we recommend carrying on the special diet for another month and

continuing the supplements for at least another 4 weeks and ideally 6 months. Patients we have treated with this process have seen a very quick improvement of their symptoms and no reoccurrence.

Additionally, high dose Vitamin C administered intravenously has undeniably shown an astonishingly rapid healing post surgery whenever that has taken place. Such situations may have been the removal of a wisdom tooth for instance.

Our ethos is based around treating the whole person and not just their teeth for the best possible outcomes.

Our Detox treatment is a great example of how we can combine dentistry with wider treatments to deal with problems holistically and help patients to feel a great deal better.

If you would like to know more about this treatment or any of our holistic dentistry treatments, call 01234 840 099/01234 889930 or email enquiries@www.munro-hallclinic.co.uk for a chat or to book a consultation.

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