Safe Mercury Detoxification

The obvious source of mercury toxicity in the body is dental amalgam fillings, but also medical vaccinations, our environmental exposure, eating seafood and certain fish, all contribute as mercury contaminants. With so many sources of heavy metal and mercury exposures, one would not be blamed for being overcautious in questioning our surroundings.

As many of us are aware, our gut acts as a relatively good protective barrier against these things provided it is healthy, but the lungs are a particularly poor organ in this respect and are unable to filter out mercury that is inhaled.


Mercury in Dentistry

For this reason, dental patients considering amalgam removal must ensure this is untaken by an experienced dentist that specialises in mercury amalgamsafe mercury removal using breathing equipment and detoxification protocols, to avoid a situation that could potentially do more harm than simply leaving the amalgam filling in situ.

One must, therefore, commit to thoroughly researching and finding a dentist who strictly adheres to these principles.


Detox Therapy

Following the safe removal of an amalgam filling, you then need to consider what to do next? The half-life of mercury bound in fatty tissue can be a decade or longer, but there are treatments that can be used to speed up this process and assist with the extraction of these toxins.

The effects of high dose Intravenous Vitamin C as well as Glutathione (the “mother” of all anti-oxidants) is well known to a degree, and how they bind to mercury to facilitate the safe delivery out of the body.


Infrared Therapy

infrared therapyAnother technique that has recently seen a high degree of success and interest given its non-invasive nature, is the positive effect of exposure to (near) infrared light. This particular wavelength of light aids the body with sweating out heavy metals such as mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Aluminium (among others). It also enhances the function of white blood cells to promote immunity, helps improve lymph circulation, and can be more broadly used to promote the healing of wounds and pain relief.

Near-infrared light with a penetration capacity of about 7 inches and full-spectrum light emission that operates at around 850 nm, where it will stimulate mitochondrial regenerative capacity is the best variation.

It is also known for its anti-aging benefits and is great for skin rejuvenation. It is a fantastic, non-invasive, EMF free, and highly effective detoxifying method that should be considered following dental amalgam fillings removal, and for other more general post-operative procedures.

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