Dr Bita Fox

Dr Bita Fox qualified from the renowned Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden in 1999, where her career started, and she subsequently moved to the UK in 2001. Early on in her career, while she was still a student at dental school, she developed a keen and curious interest in dental materials and their impact on our health. Bita signed up to write a paper on amalgam as a filling material and its impact on health based on systematic reviews already carried out up until 1998.

After qualifying as a young dentist, Bita has spent the last couple of decades continuously expanding her knowledge and expertise while caring for, and helping her patients with improving their overall oral health. She has gained extensive experience almost exclusively in private practice general dentistry, including minimally invasive, and metal-free dentistry, veneer and crown work, facial and dental aesthetics, Orthodontics, splint therapy, as well as surgical procedures.

In 2014 she qualified with a Master’s degree in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry, in which she gained additional skills in restoring the whole dentition, mainly focused on structural balance while creating attractive smiles. Her personal motto is however “firstly, be healthy” – her ethical bias is to therefore principally place the health of the patient ahead of any desired restorative work itself.

In 2016, Bita was in the early stages of setting up her own dental practice when she came across Munro-Hall Clinic. She had symptoms of her own which Dr(s) Munro-Hall assessed to be related to cavitations (NICO), and she decided to put their protocol to the test by becoming their patient. Drs Munro-Hall announced in the process that they were planning on retiring and, Bita decided fate was trying to tell her something. A year later, she became the proud new owner of the clinic as it stands today.

Privately, Bita enjoys family life, playing tennis and traveling to warmer destinations. She also enjoys pilates training and most things health related.

She has lived in Australia where her first son Lukas was born, followed by Florence 3 years later in the UK. Her husband’s business expertise and financial acumen come in handy in helping her to make business decisions.

Bita has an endless interest in how the body functions, what keeps it balanced and working efficiently through optimal nutrition.