Perfectly straight teeth can not only enhance your smile and self-esteem, it can also prevent many dental problems. With the introduction of new tools and technologies, orthodontic treatments have evolved manifold over time. Today, there are a variety of teeth straightening options available to orthodontists to cater to the specific requirements of every individual. Recent advances in dentistry have ensured the teeth straightening options available today are, in most cases, natural looking, imperceptible, unobtrusive and practical.

Teeth straightening treatments available in 2018.

The propensity for using the tried and tested metal braces still remains although orthodontists are now employing new and emerging technologies to make teeth straightening treatments as convenient, unobtrusive and affordable as possible. Some alternative orthodontic treatments that are beginning to capture the fancy of dentists and patients alike include:

Ceramic braces: These are similar to metal braces with the brackets being made of ceramic instead of metal. The ceramic brackets blend in with the natural colour of the teeth making ceramic braces less obvious than its metal counterpart. These are popular among people who want the traditional treatment for teeth straightening (braces) but with a less obvious appearance.

Lingual (inside) braces: These braces are like metal braces, only they are attached behind your teeth instead of the front. This makes them completely invisible but since these braces are located in close proximity to your tongue, they can interfere with your tongue movements impacting your speech and eating. Due to this, many people prefer alternative treatments like ceramic braces and clear aligners.

Clear aligners (e.g Invisalign): These are gradually becoming popular among adolescents and teens who want a practically invisible alternative and cannot adjust to the discomfort caused by metal/ceramic brackets and wires. Clear aligners are generally better suited for treating mild to moderately severe problems and since, these are removable, there is always a chance of forgetting to wear them.

Metal braces: This is the oldest and the most common treatment for straightening teeth. Braces are metal brackets that are attached to your teeth and held together with metal wires. These are better suited for more complex dental issues that cannot be treated with clear aligners. Since metal braces are attached to the teeth they cannot be removed so there is no chance of forgetting to wear them.

If you live in Bedford and are considering teeth straightening, seek advice from an experienced orthodontist who can recommend the best treatment – traditional metal braces or one of the many contemporary options to metal braces available today. Our team of expert orthodontists at Munro Hall Clinic have years of experience in traditional and contemporary orthodontic treatments. Speak to one of our specialists today!


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