A clear and removable aligner is fast becoming the preferred teeth straightening device for adults who have professional careers and are dependent on their professional appearance and outlook.

We understand that if you need to approach clients to sell a product or service, stand up and speak in front of board members, or other professionals in similar situations, a visible teeth straightening device may make you feel less confident and therefore you cannot work at your full potential.

If you do not feel comfortable sporting a visible device such as traditional braces, then there is an option available that can have you enjoying your teeth straightening journey, and not just the results!

We are of course talking about Invisalign in Bedford. This treatment system allows you to confidently and comfortably straighten your teeth. The technology that we use is leading in its field. We have the means to identify the issues that you have with your teeth and jaw, and to provide you with a smile that you have always wanted, faster than ever before.

The secret is in the digital scanning system, one that has been purely designed for this particular treatment plan. By taking a 3D digital scan of your mouth, we can upload the image into a software program that maps out the fastest, most effective, and comfortable path your teeth and jaw need to make in order for your smile to become healthier and more attractive.

This innovative 3D scan is what makes this treatment so unique. It can plot in detail the current position of your teeth and where they should be pushed to over time so that your teeth can be correctly aligned.

You can watch this happen before your eyes with this software, inspiring and exciting you to your potential future. If it’s alright with you, we can go ahead and build the clear plastic aligners that will begin you on your teeth straightening journey.

Another benefit that you can take from using Invisalign in Bedford is the vast online community and support that is available. With millions of users online, if you have a question or a complaint, be sure that it has been discussed at length before. You can upload your information and follow your journey yourself, watch how your smile is changing, and offer support to people who are going through the same treatment as you are.

This highly advanced technology is just one of the reasons why Invisalign in Bedford is so popular. We find that patients are also drawn to relatively fast treatment times and a flexibility that cannot be offered with other teeth straightening systems.

How do removable aligners compare to braces?

These aligners effectively push teeth into their correct position over time, whereas fixed aligners are designed to pull teeth to where they need to go with wires that are attached to brackets glued to teeth.

You are free to remove your aligners for a few hours everyday to eat without hassle, and to brush your teeth comfortably. You do not need to conform to strict rules on how to care for your teeth during this procedure, it is just a more relaxed and flexible way to straighten your teeth.

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