There are four main reasons why our patients come to us for teeth whitening in Bedford at our clinic: the procedure is safe, cost-effective when compared to other cosmetic dental treatments, quick and it is non-invasive. The procedure can easily be accommodated into busy lifestyles and before important social events.

For professional in-clinic teeth whitening in Bedford, our dental practitioners will use proven techniques, tools and industry-approved products to brighten the existing natural colour of teeth. The procedure poses no threat to the tooth’s enamel.

Factors that may affect teeth bleaching results

For successful teeth whitening in Bedford, our dentist will have to first make sure that a patient’s dental health is in order. Any existing oral health issue will first need to be treated before cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening. Neglecting to do this may affect the outcome and longevity of teeth whitening.

There are also other factors patients need to consider that may affect the results of their procedures. These factors include:

  • Natural shade of teeth – depending on the shade of the dentine underneath the enamel, some patients may need more than one procedure to see desired results.
  • Discolouration from pigmented beverages and foods.
  • The ageing process.
  • Bad lifestyle habits such as smoking.
  • Neglecting oral hygiene.
  • Teeth whitening procedures are not effective on artificial teeth surfaces such as crowns, veneers and bridges.
  • The number of treatment procedures received.
  • The whitening agents used in the whitening product – patients should be advised that only registered dental practitioners are allowed to use effective active ingredients safely and in approved concentrations.

Once our patients see the results of our teeth whitening at Munro Hall Clinic, their top concern is how to protect their glowing smiles. Fortunately there are many steps a patient can implement to ensure their teeth whitening treatment lasts for as long as possible.

How patients can protect results from teeth whitening

  • Limit teeth-staining foods

This is the number one recommended dental guideline to keeping the whiteness of professionally bleached teeth in good condition . It is also a good idea to cut down on other food types that pose a risk to the health of teeth and gums such as sugar-laden foods (including those foods with hidden sugars) and acidic beverages – even the so-called diet-free and sugar-free drinks.

  • Swop teeth-damaging foods for foods with protective properties

Patients are often surprised to hear that there are foods that promote dental health. The list includes crunchy vegetables that stimulate saliva production (saliva performs the vital function of keeping the mouth acid and bacteria free). Consuming cheese also has benefits for the teeth as it is a source of calcium.

  • Protect whitened teeth by using a straw

Consider the straw as a dental tool that helps protect the teeth from staining when consuming certain types of beverages like coffee and wine. By drinking through a straw, the teeth do not make direct contact with the pigmentation or colouring contained in the beverages.

If you require a dazzling smile for a wedding or other celebratory event, why not book a professional teeth whitening procedure at Munro Hall Clinic today? Simply give our office a call to arrange a date and time.

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