How can you get over your fear or phobia of seeing the dentist? Such a situation is called dental anxiety or dental phobia as some people call it.

Some levels of apprehension may be normal when it comes to seeing a dentist, or any medical practitioner for that matter. But if your fear keeps you away from having good oral health by preventing you from seeing a dentist, then you may need to do something about it.

Studies have revealed that approximately 8% of British people avoid seeing a dentist because of fear. And just 20% of the population will only seek dental treatment only when it’s necessary. Dental anxiety is usually triggered by certain experiences or events, and knowing how to deal with them can go a long
way to help you overcome your common fear.

In this article, we will be highlighting some common experiences that trigger dental fear and how you can deal with them.

#1: Find the right dentist

If you noticed you have dental anxiety, it is very important you look out for a dentist that will listen and acknowledge your fears. If your dentist can’t feel any empathy when you are speaking with them, chances are that they also won’t do that during treatment too.munro-hall-mercury-removal-woman-in-pain

You may need to seek recommendations from your family and friends for the best choice of dentist. Regular check-ups are important to prevent tooth decay, so you can’t afford to choose a dentist that will keep you away from consultations.

Don’t make the mistake of picking a random dentist. Instead. When you have a potential dentist in mind, chat with them and see how comfortable you are chatting with them. If you are good enough, schedule an initial consultation with them for a check-up.


#2: Deal with the fear of the needle

A fear of needle is a common experience by people seeing a medical practitioner, and not limited to dentists alone. So make sure you acknowledge your fears by speaking to your doctor before the appointment. Dentists are very familiar with this type of anxieties and usually have ways they could help.

lf so, dentists use very effective numbing gels before they give you an injection, which means you won’t feel anything. So ask your dentist if he can give you painless injections or use numbing gels before giving you one. This gel gas helped a lot of people overcome their fear of dental injections.


#3: Deal with the fear of pain

It is normal to be afraid of repeated experience of dental pain if you have once had a bad one. However, things are way easier now as there are someMercury Free Dentistry and Toxin Removal measures put in place by dentists to ensure you don’t have to go through dental pain again.
Numbing gels and anaesthetics are now available for most treatments. So there is nothing to worry about. Also, you tend to tense up when you are more fearful which makes you more sensitive to pain.
So before going in for your session, I will recommend you change your perception about pain, relax and take deep breathes.

#4: Deal with the fear of the drill

The pain from a drill is another thing that causes anxiety to many people and thus keeps them away from seeing a dentist when they should. This fear is usually triggered by the sound of the drill.

However, your dentist can help you overcome this by numbing gels before using the drill so that you won’t feel
any pain at all – only the vibration and the light pressure.

If the sound is what troubles you, go in with your earphones and listen to your favourite music. This can help distract and calm you down. Don’t forget you need to do whatever it takes to ensure good oral health.

#5: Deal with the fear of getting embarrassed about bad teeth

I think I need to remind you that your dentist deals with damaged gums and teeth on a daily basis. Which means your dentist might have come across many people with even worse dental problems that yours.

As much as it’s their job to help people prevent dental problems, it is also their responsibility to
deal with damaged teeth and help get them healthy again.However, you can ease this fear by giving your doctor a call before seeing him and explain the state of your teeth to him. This will help you more relaxed when you visit.


#6: Deal with sedation fear

When we talk of fear sedation, it affects people in two different ways. While some people are always afraid that their teeth won’t be numbed enough andget over dental fear bedford they will keep awake to witness the pain, other fear they will be out of control when they are numbed and could lead to being suffocated or choked.

That is not true. When numbing teeth, especially for bottom teeth, only the individual tooth will be numbed, and your cheek and tongue may feel swollen, but the truth is they won’t be. You only lose sensation in areas numbed and not function. So it is nothing to worry about.

Bottom Line

If left unattended to, dental fear and anxieties may affect your quality of life. They may keep you away from having important when the need comes and also prevent you from seeing the dentist even for routine checkups.

I’m sure this is not what you will like for your oral health. So learn to deal with them with the points stated above.

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