Are There Any Foods to Avoid During Invisalign Treatment?


The flexibility and comfortable fit that Invisalign offers is one of the things that makes it stand out from other orthodontic treatment plans. It fits perfectly into your teeth and mouth, therefore, making it practically invisible and perfect for a healthier smile.

Invisalign provides you the opportunity to eat whatever you like, unlike many other braces. However, while the treatment allows you to eat your desired diet, a healthy diet cannot be compared to anything when it comes to the treatment. It is especially important you keep up with a healthier diet when undergoing your Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

Below are a few foods you should stay away from during your treatment.

Foods You Should Avoid;


Sticky foods and sweets

Yes. For people with braces, the number one thing on their “do not eat” list is chewing gum. But does this also apply to those with Invisalign? Yes. Many invisalign foodsorthodontists have confirmed it that Invisalign with gum is surely a bad combination.

This is not limited to gums alone but all sticky foods and candies should be avoided during your treatment. Such foods have the potential to pull and tug at the aligners, thus making it possible to break or damage them. So, foods like jelly beans, starbursts, caramel, e.t.c are a no-go area for you.


Hard foods

Things like pretzels and crisps, with a quick and easy snap, may not affect your Invisalign treatment because they aren’t hard enough to push the teeth.

However, foods like hard-shelled bread, jawbreakers, and uncooked carrots and many other hard foods should be kept at bay during Invisalign treatment. You may want to exempt sweets that you suck on from the list, but that is not true. Even this type of candies should be avoided as they could leave residues that could serve as feed for plaque.

You can still go for some healthy hard fruits and vegetables, but you should try to cut them into smaller pieces. However, I will always recommend you stick with softer options like strawberries, bananas, and grapes.


Stay away from certain drinks

braces diet fizzy drinksDuring your Invisalign treatment, drinks such as coffee, wine, and tea are not your friend. These drinks tend to leave the aligner tinted darker and look dirty, and so, leaving the teeth looking as though it’s discolored.

You can be unfortunately extending your treatment time when you take hot tea, hot coffee, and some other hot drinks as these hot drinks with their hot temperature can misshapen or warp the aligners.

Drinking fizzy drinks is not only detrimental to your treatment but also to your overall health, and so should be limited as much as possible. The sugar present in sodas which makes them sticky could be providing a source for bacteria.


Invisalign, aside from the money and technology involved, the role that responsibility plays is also a crucial one. Cleaning your trays, brushing your teeth, and avoiding some certain foods and habits will not only make your treatment faster, it will also make it easier.

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