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Ozone Therapy at Munro Hall Clinic

We use only the purest forms of Oxygen and Ozones, so you can feel at your best

Ozone Therapy

The medical ozone that we use at Munro-Hall Clinic is made up of the purest form of Oxygen along with the purest form of Ozone. The ozone concentration can vary between 0.05-5% ozone. We typically set it to the higher level to achieve the best results.

It is widely recognised that ozone has bacterial, fungicidal and virucidal properties and this is what makes it an ideal disinfectant when used in conjunction with cavitation surgery and general dealings with infection in our surgical procedures. While physical removal of infection in the jaw bone is imperative, the medical ozone acts as a final disinfecting step in our protocol.

Ozone Therapy and the X-Tip Method

Ozone is also used with the “X-Tip” method in cases of mild re-infection. This is a well-respected method used in the world of “Bio-Dentistry” in the United States.

Medical ozone is used successfully in general in integrated medicine, such as in wound healing, circulatory diseases and as an immune stimulating method among other conditions.



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Last Updated: October 13, 2022

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