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MHC Detox Therapy

Using Vitamins To Detoxify.

Developed here at Munro-Hall Clinic

Created here in Bedford at Munro Hall Clinic, MHC Detox therapy is a complex holistic dental treatment, using a number of vitamins to detoxify patients before and after treatment.

MHC Detox therapy has been developed specifically to treat patients in a way that prioritises total care. Designed to help remove harmful toxins before treatments, the treatment is key in strengthening the success of therapies such as amalgam removal and cavitation. Since its inception, MHC Detox Therapy has been highly successful and popular.

How MHC Detox Therapy Works.

As holistic dentists, we believe it is important to improve the health of the overall body as well as the mouth. We look at the bigger picture at hand, the disease as a whole and not merely a symptom.

We begin by understanding our patient, after a thorough examination, we leave no stone unturned in our investigations. After completing a series of tests, our experienced dentists will create a unique treatment plan tailored to your results. Our team work to understand what your ideal end result will be, both orally and generally.

Once we have understood all aspects of a patient’s health and expectations, we begin by nutritionally preparing them. This coupled with an intravenous including vitamin C and other vitamins, prepares them for surgery or treatment. After intensive dental treatments or the removal of metals from teeth, our dentists ensure the teeth, jaw and jaw muscles are working as they should; removing all infections.

Our care doesn’t end with treatment, with a rigorous and well thought our aftercare plan, we believe it is crucial to monitor health after surgery. As the gut acts as an essential component of the body, our specialists will begin aftercare by ensuring the gut is working properly. Our team will follow-up at 3, 8 and 18-month intervals, conducting tests and monitoring pH.


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Last Updated: October 13, 2022

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