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Invisible Braces

Get the straight, beautiful smile you’ve dreamed of discretely and quickly.

Invisible Braces

Every day more and more adults in Bedford are getting their teeth straightened without anybody noticing a thing. As we move towards looking your best whether it be to improve your career opportunities or just to feel confident about your smile, Invisible Braces are the answer to discreetly moving your teeth within a really short period of time, usually being 6 months.

There are various types of Invisible Braces you can choose from, each having their own unique advantages. W provide fixed tooth colour brace appliances as well as removable brace appliances. No matter which braces appliance you choose, the results will be a confident, straight smile.

Invisible Braces can align teeth for people who suffer from gappy, crowded, twisted or crooked teeth but not everybody is suitable for Invisible Braces. We provide free consultations to help you choose the right Invisible Brace appliance as well as check your suitability.

Benefits of Having Straight Teeth:

  • Makes it easy to clean all areas of your teeth.
  • Increase your confidence in your smile.
  • Not limited by age.
  • Results can last a lifetime so great investment.
  • Various payment and finance options available.


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