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Dental Lasers

Enhanced healing & pain reduction

Introducing our Epic-X Diode Laser from Biolase

The laser we use has a range of different functions and power outputs, primarily we will be using it in its Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy mode. This is a low-level light laser therapy used to promote tissue repair, reduce any information after treatment and also help with pain relief.

Unlike other types of treatment this is a nonthermal therapy, operating in the red and near infrared colour spectrum of light which penetrates deepest into the tissues of the body. PBM is more akin to to photosynthesis.

How does the laser and PBM therapy work?

Put very simply, the cells in our body require oxygen. If the cells become damaged or stressed (example by smoking cigarettes, too much sun or sugar in our diet) then your body has a tendency to produce a free radical molecule called nitric oxide. Unfortunately your cells have an affinity for nitric oxide and that attaches instead of the oxygen. This means the cells have less oxygen attached and they are unable to function quite so well.  This can then start a chain reaction to produce more volatile free radicals in your system (called Reactive Oxygen Species, ROS).

When light of the correct colour and intensity is applied to the area it causes vasodilation, this then allows the oxygen to attach to the cells instead, resulting in less stress on the cells and allows normal function to return.

Every cell in your body has thousands of mitochondria which are the primary receptors for light. If light is applied to the stressed cells at the correct colour frequency and those those cells can benefit due to the increased circulation and oxygen present.

What can the laser be used for?

Our dental laser has a range of uses to enhance healing and reduce pain, including:

  • Enhanced healing after dental surgery
  • Enhanced healing after dental extractions
  • Pain management
  • Temporo mandibular joint pain (TMJ)
  • Treatment for sensitive teeth
  • Healing for mouth ulcers

Mouth Ulcer Treatment (canker Sores)

Historically it’s only been possible to treat mouth ulcers using topical gels which you rub on the ulcer itself. Easy usually short lasting and don’t make any difference to the actual healing of the ulcer. This is what’s known as symptomatic relief.

With the laser where able to not only reduce the pain (symptomatic relief) but also assist the healing process. The laser is used in short bursts for around 3 min each time. This can significantly reduce the pain in the mouth ulcer and also speed up the healing process, reducing it from 2 weeks to only a few days.


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Last Updated: October 13, 2022

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