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Radio Interview – June 2019

Please find below a link to a recent radio interview/podcast in which Dr Bita Fox of Munro Hall Clinic discusses non-toxic dentistry and the safe removal of amalgam fillings with Robin Daly of UK Health Radio.

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  • “The dental practice to visit is you want first class holistic treatment. My husband & myself have been using Munro Hall for several years but since Dr Bita Fox has taken over, the clinic has taken a further step forward in providing a first class holistic dental service with added efficiency. We are fortunate enough to live locally but others travel from all over the UK & Europe for treatment which could prevent disease and assist with healing.”

Geo ★★★★★


  • “The holistic dentistry at Munro Hall Clinic is second to none. A very unique clinic here in the UK, one, that I choose to travel over 300 miles to visit. After suffering with a chronic infection last year, Dr Fox and her team played a pivotal role in my successful recovery by identifying and treating an infection in my gums that had been overlooked and misunderstood by my local mainstream dentist. Had this infection continued unchecked, my general health would not be as good as it is today. Their approach is logical, professional, caring and i am very grateful that a facility like theirs exists here in the UK.”

Rachel Haynes ★★★★★


  • “Having been given a serious diagnosis of a chronic disease I had extensive work done on my teeth at the Munro Hall Clinic to remove old mercury fillings that had been hidden under subsequent metal bridge work many years earlier, along with the extraction of what proved to be a very infected root canal tooth. I have no doubt that getting my dental work done there in an enlightened and holistic manner has been a foundational piece of my continuing return to full health again.If only more clinics were as thoughtfully placed on the leading edge of dentistry as Munro Hall are, then the wider health benefits would be quite powerful. As it is I am glad that for now Bita and the team are leading the charge towards a new awareness of the true whole body health rewards of non-toxic dentistry.”

Andy D ★★★★★


  • “We decided to use Munro Hall because we were looking for a dentist that uses the best practice protocols for dealing with cavitations and the removal of infected teeth and root-filled teeth, and with a holistic approach using vitamin C infusion in preference to antibiotics. We were very pleased with the care and professionalism of Dr Bita Fox and her team. We would certainly recommend her practice to people looking for a holistic approach to dentistry.”

Catherine Cockle ★★★★★


  • “I had amalgam fillings replaced by Dr Fox. Competent, friendly and truly holistic. Getting an appointment can sometimes take some perseverance, but it is well worth the effort.”

Cisca Human ★★★★★


  • “I have had extensive cavitation treatment at Munro Hall. I had my mercury fillings removed and my cavitation jaw bone infections cleaned out and the V-Tox treatment. I have been detoxing mercury from my body.
    My health crashed because of the toxins from the mercury from my fillings and these infections. Thanks to the skills of Graeme Munro and his wife Lilian I am starting to make recovery.
    They will go out of there way to help even the very sick. They are the top in their field and the best place for amalgam removal. Graeme has done so much work to stop the use of mercury in fillings and now they are no longer used in children and pregnant women he is a pioneer and has worked so hard in getting this outcome”

Clare Wilson ★★★★★


  • “I had a cavitation scan which showed I had infections on my 3 root canals and an extraction site. I went for the surgery and Dr. Fox removed my root canals and operated on the extraction. I had around 7 metal teeth replaced for porcelain. I can’t explain how well I felt after the replacement of the teeth and the their Vtox treatement. I felt great! Then after the root canals operated and the infection removed I had the RA coming and going, but nothing major, like just 3 episodes. Most of the time I was well. Dr. Fox did a fantastic job. I came off my Methatrexade Anti-TNF injections (tocizulab) on 6 October for the operation on 22 October. Today 13 December I asked the RA team for advise on my medication before going on Holidays. They told me that I don’t need to start the medication because my CRP factor went to 8 (4 is normal) . So it has been coming down from 11 since the dental operation. I had 22 in January 2017. Dr. Fox and her team have been fantastic. I have nothing but thanks getting rid of my 15 Reumatoid Arthrites. They performed a very difficult job in 2 days and they clear me of my 15 years physical pain. I have no words to thank them. They are very professional and they care about people. They are in the business of helping people. They are fantastic.Thank you! Currently Jan 2018 my CRP factor was 11.5 because of a wrist injury and after Christmas food and I had to start the Methatrexade and Tocizulab, but I know this will be temporary until my wrist is ok and my next dental review in May. Detox is also very important also stop any sugar and milk (I am allergic to milk) and only eat whole foods and nothing processed. Be patient. So, you know my weakness disappeared this is why I had my writs injury because I was able to hold the shopping bags. I totally believe that was root canal bacteria. I am looking forward to my review and continue healing. My first mercury filling was at the age of 10 so it might take some time to detox from over 40 years of mercury poisoning. I also eat organic as I am allergic to pesticides. So, this is a process. The good news are that I stop being cold and irritable and stressed without real reason and just for that it was really worth it. Thank you!.”

C N ★★★★★


  • “My experience at Munro-Hall Clinic was excellent. i have had chronic ill health almost all my adult life, a lot of it related to bad dental practice, ie amalgam fillings, mixed metals in my mouth, implants etc.
    Dr Fox has treated me for cavitations and i’m healing well. i found all the staff very efficient and caring, and it was good to know i was in safe hands. i have many allergies/intolerance’s, so to know that the clinic is holistic and only uses anti-biotics and other drugs when absolutely necessary is important to me.
    Today i have passed on info about Dr Fox and Munro-Hall clinic to my acupuncturist who wants to refer one of his patients; and he is also considering having his amalgams removed.”

Libby Dixon ★★★★★


  • “In August 2017, I embarked upon a major detox after a serious health diagnosis. My priority was to source intravenous Vitamin C. Repeatedly, mercury amalgam removal was advised, so when Munro Hall Clinic was recommended, I was delighted it gave me access to both treatments.Dr. Bita Fox and her team are highly professional and caring of their clients, wanting the best outcomes. Testing revealed excessive mercury leakage from my amalgams, whilst the unique Cavitat scanner identified a hidden cavity infection, which was cleared out with the loss of a tooth. My seven mercury amalgams were removed to the highest and safest standard, everyone appropriately ‘dressed’, with oral suction tubes constantly used. I had no ill effects afterwards and felt good from the next day onwards. My replacement composite fillings are completely natural and non allergenic, whilst Dr. Fox recently skillfully replaced my denture, bringing back my smile!This Holistic Dentist is close to the M1 and Bedford, yet is set in peaceful countryside. The intravenous Vitamin C lounge is calm and relaxing with clients from afar. With the expertise of Dr. Bita Fox and her team being key to my healing, Munro Hall Clinic, to me, is in a league of its own.”

Angie Dickerson ★★★★★


  • “The first choice for the removal of dental amalgam fillings. Patients travel from all over the world to come to this specialist to have their ailments treated. The patient is coached and built up with supplements to prepare for the big day when the mercury fillings will be removed and then everything is done to make them comfortable. Further supplements are supplied to ensure the mercury is flushed from the body until the patient feels the full benefits of having this toxin removed from their body.”

John James ★★★★★


  • “Great! Felt really cared for. Professional Staff. Doing important work. Saving humans.”

Live Ness ★★★★★

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