We strive to achieve the best results for all our patients in a safe and effective way. Customer care prior to the treatment, during and afterward, is extremely important to us. Please see below for what our customers have to say about our services:

  • “We decided to use Munro Hall because we were looking for a dentist that uses the best practice protocols for dealing with cavitations and the removal of infected teeth and root-filled teeth, and with a holistic approach using vitamin C infusion in preference to antibiotics. We were very pleased with the care and professionalism of Dr Bita Fox and her team. We would certainly recommend her practice to people looking for a holistic approach to dentistry.”

Catherine Cockle


  • “I have had extensive cavitation treatment at Munro Hall. I had my mercury fillings removed and my cavitation jaw bone infections cleaned out and the V-Tox treatment. I have been detoxing mercury from my body.
    My health crashed because of the toxins from the mercury from my fillings and these infections. Thanks to the skills of Graeme Munro and his wife Lilian I am starting to make recovery.
    They will go out of there way to help even the very sick. They are the top in their field and the best place for amalgam removal. Graeme has done so much work to stop the use of mercury in fillings and now they are no longer used in children and pregnant women he is a pioneer and has worked so hard in getting this outcome 😀”

Clare Wilson