A lot of individuals decide to have our teeth whitening in Bedford treatments to achieve a white and beautiful smile. These treatments offer a myriad of benefits to your self esteem and have positive effects on the physical health of your smile as well. However, you cannot expect that these effects will last you a lifetime.

For you to enjoy a long-lasting white smile, you must take care of your teeth after your treatment of teeth whitening in Bedford. Our dentists can provide you with advice, and tools that you can use for aftercare, to ensure that your smile stays as beautiful and white as it can for longer.

You should attend your dental appointments routinely, and use any products as directed by our dentists, so that the results are long-lasting. By following some of these essential aftercare tips, you can ensure that the effects of your teeth whitening in Bedford can last longer.

What are some tips we can provide you for a whiter, brighter smile?

One of the most essential aftercare tips that we can offer you is to ensure that you are brushing your teeth properly. It is the first step towards lasting effects of a treatment. Our dedicated dentists recommend patients develop a habit of brushing their teeth and rinsing their mouth after every meal to remove damaging debris and stains. The food you eat tends to stain your teeth. You shouldn’t let your teeth discolour again due to poor dental hygiene.

The first forty-eight hours after your procedure are the most crucial to your teeth. Your teeth are prone to discolouration at this time. Therefore, if you want the best, long-lasting effects of teeth whitening, you should avoid the intake of coloured and staining foods and drinks. Also, our dentists advise patients to avoid tobacco at this time. Avoid cherries, beets, wine, chocolate, tea, and coffee, especially during the first two days after your treatment

You can even preserve your bright smile by consuming certain foods as part of the aftercare. For instance, we recommend you eat crunchy vegetables and fruits such as carrots, apples, green beans, and celery. These foods improve saliva production, helping your teeth to counteract acids.

It is not uncommon to experience some degree of sensitivity after undergoing this procedure. A tip that can help with that is investing in toothpaste that can assist with sensitivity. You can also buy a gel and apply it to your teeth after the procedure. The products will aid in reducing the discomfort you may experience after the treatment.

You need to visit our dentists for examination after you have whitened your teeth. Ensuring that your smile is clean and healthy is an important step to having a bright and white smile. We recommend that you visit us every six months to a year, to ensure that your smile is cavity free, strong, and healthy.

Whitening your teeth is an inexpensive way that can help with your self-esteem and how you view, and care, for your smile. It should be seen as an investment that ought to be taken seriously.

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