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We put you first.

Unlike conventional dentistry, we seek to understand our patients overall health and pain before we engage in treatment.

We listen, we understand, we help.

Holistic Dentistry in Bedford

Founded in 1999, Munro-Hall has over 18 years of experience in delivering high quality holistic dentistry. From mercury and toxin removal to cavitation and cavitation scanning; our services have been specifically designed to remove toxins from your body and prevent disease.

Founded by Dr Graeme and Lillian Munro-Hall and led by Dr Bita Fox, Munro-Hall Clinic is committed to not only improving the oral health of our patients but also their overall health where possible.

Doctors and dentists have been aware of the link between oral health and the overall health of a patient for some time now. With the risk of heart disease in our society on the rise, the importance of oral health, and its effect upon the body is becoming more profound by the day.


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A Holistic Dental Clinic in Bedford

We have made it our mission here at Munro Hall Clinic to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our patients by attending to the root cause of an issue using a holistic approach to modern dentistry. Our treatments have been designed so as to promote longevity in health and the improvement of specific symptoms, with as little downtime as possible. Our team here at Munro Hall Clinic are all incredibly committed to providing the best service possible, and with clients traveling from all across the world to see us here in Bedford, we will only keep improving our holistic services, and our holistic treatments.  


Last Updated: November 6, 2023

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