4 Oral Health & Hygiene Symptoms You Should Not Be Ignoring


Few things are more important than one’s health. That being said people often make the mistake of ignoring their oral health and hygiene and not giving it enough importance which often leads to problems. So, even if you count yourself among the dentally lazy, there are some things not even you should ignore.



Blood is a bad sign no matter where it comes from, it often comes with pain and discomfort but sometimes it can practice stealth. If you notice blood while brushing hygienist Bedfordand flossing, it is not normal. It could be something serious like Gum Disease. Getting it checked out can help diagnose and treat it in its early stages. See the blood as a ‘red light’!


Pains and Swellings

If it hurts, it’s worth looking into. Teeth don’t hurt without good reason and swelling can mean ruptured veins or infection; pain can indicate sensitive or damaged nerves which could mean infection or cavities, which, if ignored, can lead to tooth loss or gum damage.


Bad Breath

There a lot of foods that can cause a not so nice smell in one’s mouth but if you are a regular brusher (including tongue) and flosser then bad breath or a constant bad taste in the mouth that does not go away for weeks can be a sign for some serious oral health issues. Seeing the dentist is usually everyone’s best bet.gum disease Bedford


Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth- never a good thing in Adults. Loose teeth, if ignored often leads to the offending tooth/teeth falling out. The most widely known reason for loose teeth and tooth loss is gum disease, so keeping this a secret is not an option.



Of course, symptoms are not limited to those above. A lot of issues with oral health need to be taken seriously. These may seem unrelated to dental hygiene but are in fact warning bells. Headaches, earaches, jaw popping are just examples of symptoms that are linked to the nerves and workings of your teeth and mouth.


If you suffer from any of the above then it’s always worth giving us a call, no matter how scary. Call us on 01234 840 099 or you can email us at enquiries@www.munro-hallclinic.co.uk.


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