4 Of The Best Know Teething Remedies, You Can Try For Baby Relief

Do you know of any toddler who can’t get any relief from teething? When the teething ring to chew on just does not get the job done, you have to take some remedies to make sure that your kid is not in too much pain. For most kids, teething happens sometime near six months.

The teething pain can turn even the most relaxed toddler into a hot mess. So what should you do for your distressed little one? Here is a roundup of 4 best remedies you should try.


  1. Cold

Similar to how ice works on a sprained ankle to reduce swelling and numb pain, cold compresses and soothe sore gums. Put a wet cloth in a plastic bag and then chill in your refrigerator. After removing the cloth from the plastic bag, your baby will undoubtedly enjoy munching it on because the fabric massages the ridges in his/her gums while the cold numbs the pain.




  1. Pressure

Teething toddlers love to feel pressure on their gums. This is because it distracts the brain from the sensation of pain. If your kid rejects cold items in their mouth, chewing a teether at the room temperature does the trick. There are also some special teethers that vibrate. If one type does not work for your kid, try another kind till you find one that works properly.


  1. Herbal remedies

Many parents have used herbal remedies in the past to ease the teething pain. Some of these herbal remedies include:

Clove – This is a natural anesthetic that works well at relieving teething pain.

Chamomile – Helps soothe and relax irritability.

Rosehip – This herbal remedy has antioxidants and Vitamin C, Rosehip tea is fantastic for boosting the immune system. Furthermore, the rosehip contains anti-inflammatory properties.



  1. Boost the immune system

There’s some hot debate going on whether teething causes colds and fevers by lowering the immune system, or whether the two occurring simultaneously is simply a coincidence. However, lots of parents have noticed a running nose and fever while the kid is teething.

One thing for sure is that boosting the immune system cannot hurt the baby and instead, can help avoid the toddler dealing with double ailments. Some of the methods used to boost the immune system include:

– Continue breastfeeding.

– Giving your baby probiotics.

– Giving your child vitamin D.

Teething can be rough at times for both parents and the baby, but with a few teething remedies like these, it can be easier and less painful to get through.


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